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Our foundation was set up to lend a helping hand to people who have a disability or who are suffering from a serious or incurable disease. Most of the time there is nothing left in such a case other than hope and loneliness unfortunately. With our foundation, however, we want to strengthen hope and end loneliness. To reassure those who turn to us that they will not be left alone in the fight they have to fight with their illness, destiny and condition. We can stand by them and help if they want to. All they have to do is contact us and ask for our help. Whether it's lifestyle counseling, help with everyday problems, regular group sessions or a special holiday on the shores of Lake Balaton. We try to organize programs and provide opportunities for those in need that can help them live or relax. We create special opportunities and hold individual and group sessions that can improve the condition and strengthen the patient both mentally and physically. We want to achieve these with special organization, attention, practices, events, excursions and musical events.

Detailed report of year 2021:

Our detailed report for 2021: We started the year with a big change, relocating our operations and helping hands to the end of last year. Transdanubia, exactly the capital of the northern shore of the "Hungarian Sea", Balatonfüred. At the beginning of the year, we received our operating support from Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Zrt, so this year it is already HUF 300,000 we had at our disposal to operate and start the activity that one of them did we set ourselves the main goal. Although the "opening" has been delayed due to the pandemic, we have already started in the spring to organize the August holidays, to which we invited injured people together with their companions. We tried to invite individuals from all groups, hearing, movement and visually impaired as well as mentally also injured.

Under the program, the foundation undertook to organize the accommodation and paid the accommodation fee as well During his stay, he organized barrier - free summer programs at his own expense cottages and could relax for a few days on the shores of Lake Balaton. You can see this event HERE photos and read a short description.

We orally signed a cooperation agreement with the St. Benedict Vocational High School in Balatonfüred, where accommodation was provided for travelers as well as a cruise ship also with a local contractor who took the team on a cruise. We want even more next year to involve local stakeholders in our programs and to deepen cooperation and the friendship. We have seen an openness on the part of the locals and we are confident that this will be the case in the long run will create working opportunities. We also contacted a newly formed local NGO, the Disabled and their Friends of Balatonfüred and about helping and complementing each other in the future we talked, we brainstormed. We have a lot in common, we can expect a fruitful relationship for the future.

At the end of the year, we have already started organizing the holiday planned for 2022, which will cover 5-6 injured people. we plan to invite them to accompany them, however, for a day longer. At Christmas, our foundation also helped 3 needy families with a food voucher, to make their Christmas holiday a little easier and more intimate as well. This year, getting to know each other was the main role, we tested the imagined and implemented our program and so far we have only invited people with whom the foundation has been in contact for a long time. Next year, however, we will be hosting people who are still unknown to us, we can't assess their needs in advance, so they need more attention, so we can improve ourselves and our helping hands. We will make the experience as enjoyable for them and for others as it is this year. We'll do our best! as the English would say ... :-)

Detailed report of year 2020:

We had entered to year 2020 with big hopes, having faith in our financial possibilities will be adequate and enough, to fulfill our planned jobs. In January unfortunatelly we were informed about we were not getting governmental subsidy not for operation nor for accomplishing our professional program, so we were looking to a hard year again.

In February we were informed that at spring time we are allowed to employ 2 disabled workers again, by EFOP.

In March we had started to arrange this, in April we started to work together with the new colleagues. Our first important was to make advertisements aiming at the offerable 1 percent of the personal income tax. In the same time the website of the foundation was refreshed, expanded.

In the beginning of May we again gave in application for financial sources, we wanted to accomplish an imagined helping service from it, in which 3-5 ill or disabled people could had been exercised, helped, trained for healthier lifestyle and taught for positive life approach in their own home, helping them with this in a more liveable and more self-dependent life. Unfortunatelly this application was also refused so we kept searching for other options in the hope that we find a way to realise our ideas.

In June we started to employ a community worker, with the help of this colleague we started our group to train people for healthy life and to help/contribute in it. We did massage and movement therapies for those ill or disabled people who visited us. Personal help and instruction were given to everyone who asked for it and felt he/she needs advice for healthy lifestyle. Of course physical help was also given to those who needed and asked us for it. We willingly did the shopping for them, managed their things during the pandemic and after. This program had finished at autumn.

In August we gave in application for buying a small electric city car, with which we wanted to help our disabled partners even in managing things, doing shoppings or in transfering, travelling, tripping. To keep in mind the environs and economy we were only thinking in getting an electric car, this solution was good for the philisophy of our foundation. Unfortunatelly this application was also refused by the proponent committee, so this idea could had been thrown in the bin. It is a regrettable fact, that a foundation working with such a big intrepidity, trying to help seriously disabled people with great ideas, having certain aims, which is almost on the border of public utility, is getting such a negative judgement on almost every application. It is disappointing and demoralizing, even if it’s well known there are civil organisations with more important jobs, too, but the fact that not this year, nor the last year we did not win an application nor a financial source, this is incredible for us.

In September we asked one of our disabled companion to operate our website. We get from him the webhosting, the server service and everything else what is needed for operating the website. Of course we try to help him in making his enterprise successful, in searching for job possibilities and any other tasks in which he is looking for our help. In autumn the employment of the disability pension colleagues had finished, and the operation of our healthy lifestyle popularizer and helper team had also finished because of the intensifying corona virus pandemic. Our foundation has to bethink of its operation, aims, realisations because for lack of supports we are unable to continue our activity and unable to do the good. We need supporters and support!

In December our foundation surprised a disabled seriously ill lady with a Christmas present. Unfortunatelly she can not have an own child, but she would love to have one, so her wish was to our foundation’s Santa, to bring her a beautiful lifelike doll. Unfortunatelly her financial situation did not let her to buy it herself, and the community home, where she lives, could not fulfil her wish. Our organization had looked into its financial possibility, agreed with the leading institution, “we wrote to Santa” and even if it was effortful we carried out the wish. We made her so delighted by the feedback of the management and also the photos taken at the handover prove the same. As thanks we got a novel from Krisztina about bestowal and she sent us her own poems about love as the most important feeling. Is there maybe point in to keep going? Will we keep doing the good? Will turn out in 2021...

Detailed report of year 2019:

We closed the previous year in January, taking over what we managed to accomplish for the pre-planned goals. After a little rest, at the end of the month we started planning our this year. We managed to set ourselves a good couple of goals, much better ones and larger volumes than they were last year.

In February, we began preparing NEA applications for our operational support and implementation of our professional program. We are beyond the first meeting in Budapest on this issue, which will hopefully be followed by more. Our team expanded with one volunteer this month. Zsolt is an 18-year-old from Eger who really wants to volunteer for our foundation. We are happy to help sick and injured people and are happy to deal with them in our group sessions. We were very happy to apply to the foundation, it is an honor to have chosen us. We hope to be able to work with him in the long run and, following his example, will encourage other young people (and the elderly) to volunteer and help others. If anyone would like to join us, feel free to search and meet for a chat! :-)

In March, we started planning our motivational conversations. We also contacted the owner of our venue last year and saw no obstacle to holding these afternoons in the special room of the Tibor Gál winery this year as well. We were very much looking forward to the outcome of our application, but unfortunately no news has been received yet. This month we launched our regular vision and exercise trainings, which are repeated weekly, every 2 weeks. On Tuesdays we dealt with vision improvement and eyes, and on Thursdays we dealt with body and movement.

In April, unfortunately, we had not yet received notification of our application, so further planning remained. We have planned our publications, events and ideas for this year, which we would like to implement this year or due to a possible rejection of the application next year.

We were notified in early May that we had not received a NEA grant for 2019, so we need to get through this year "operating sparingly" for the foundation to operate. Unfortunately, our remaining small fortune will be enough to keep the foundation alive, so we will not be able to achieve our planned events and goals. In any case, we have put them back, and next year we will try to apply again to help us operate, so that we will succeed and receive support from the state, not rejection.

In June, we organized a trip abroad to the Czech Republic, where we met a therapist leading vision training, an old friend of ours. We talked about our lives, the successes we have achieved so far, and the failures we have suffered. However, we have outlined the possibility of a future joint work, which we would both be happy to support. We have laid the foundations for this and are trying to build long-term cooperation between our organizations and our countries.

In July, we visited the orphanage we visited last year again with the intention that we would like to take a large dose of high-quality clothing donations to the orphaned children living there again this year. We received positive feedback from the head of the institution and in the second half of the month we personally took 4-5 bags of clothes collected for them. We were also able to meet some of the boarding children during our visit and talk to them. We asked them how happy they were with the donation and what they would need in the future. What they would welcome and happily use at home. During the conversation, some were also able to try out an active wheelchair and experience the difficulties of using it. As children, they didn’t pay so much attention to the difficulties, they were more caught up in the opportunity and the game when trying. They said they had never tried a similar structure so they found the opportunity useful. We agreed with the head of the institution that we would visit them again next year, collect clothes again and bring them the toys requested by the children. In the absence of state support, we conducted our first motivational conversation with the children in this way, and we organize the second one in the autumn, in an institution caring for the homeless, which we would like to implement together with a dress and a possible food distribution. We are currently starting to organize this from the end of the summer. We sincerely hope that this work of ours will also be crowned with success.

In August, a rehabilitation institution suitable for a resort in Slovenia came to our attention, where patients with muscle diseases are specifically treated. We would like to contact them later and, if possible, establish a cooperation. Next year, we would like to personally visit the institute and discuss possible joint work.

In September, at the end of the summer, we resumed our group sessions. We hold eye trainings and movement therapy meetings once every 2 weeks. Occasionally we perform the exercises with the participation of 3-6 people. You can see pictures of these here. The feedback from the participants is very positive, they are happy to do the "workouts" at home as well. Our friends also report one or two minor achievements and improvements that make our work happy and meaningful. We hope more and more people will attend our classes.

In October, a blind fellow of ours asked us to help him make his night’s rest better. He told me what he needed. We helped her choose a mattress with the parameters she outlined and helped her purchase it. By the end of this month, we are planning a trip to Hortobágy to which we will invite young people with disabilities who love nature and the trip. As part of a joint program, we would like to see the bird hospital, the recently completed pedestrian bridge and a short hiking trail that will be walked by those who are physically able to do so. We plan the outing for 1 or 2 days, depending on your needs. This month, we were enriched with new innovation ideas and started developing them. We have already started concentrating and planning the goals to be achieved next year. We have put together a professional program, redesigned our operations and prepared budget plans for all of this. If all goes well, by the end of this month, the list of our activities planned for 2020 will be complete. We are looking forward to an exciting year! :)

Detailed report of year 2018:

The Hungarian Helping Hands Foundation started its actual operation in January 2018, and was founded in the second half of 2017. Earlier this year, the foundation successfully recruited two people with disabilities as part of an EFOP grant. Our staff performs online and office administration tasks that help the foundation run smoothly. Initially, we planned the main tasks and objectives of the foundation this year. We saw him as the first task for the background work. We have built our presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Youtube) and the foundation's website has also become operational (http://www.hhhands.eu). We have created databases that can help build relationships with other local and nearby organizations already in operation. Our main tasks include the establishment of an Eger site for our foundation; starting group trainings (vision training, Multiple Sclerosis training, muscular dystrophy training); launching a series of lectures on several topics (healthy lifestyle, motivational lectures, positive outlook on life); workforce expansion (involvement of personal assistants, volunteers); building cooperation with similar civil and target organizations and associations; storytelling afternoon and organization of mascot distribution for children in the children's ward at the Markhot Ferenc Training Hospital and Clinic in Eger; clothing donation for organizations in need. This month, we successfully submitted applications entitled “Operational Support for Civil Organizations 2018” and “Support for the Professional Program of Civil Organizations 2018” announced by the National Cooperation Fund.

In February, we started the detailed elaboration of our programs, we started to contact motivational lecturers, doctors and specialists, with whose help we will conduct our lectures. Web background work and the loading and management of databases continued. We conducted a needs survey (oral questioning) to find out what help they needed, what sick people wanted, so we could support them. Our colleagues constantly watched the news and application opportunities.

In March, we launched our first group session to help the visually impaired and those with eye problems. The group started with 4-6 people and meets every two weeks, the number of which we want to expand later. The members of the group were introduced to several eye-relaxing techniques and also learned to relax the muscles around the eyes. This month, we were able to fill our social media platforms with live content (e.g. movie recommendations, healthy food recipes, etc.). One of our employees, within the framework of the distance learning program, which we managed to win in the tender announced by the Institute of Distance Education, started the preparation for the final methodological examination of the qualified tender writer, tender monitor, which took place in April. At the end of the month, our “Your answer, we help” tender announced by Tesco Global Zrt. Was submitted. In addition, the foundation helped design a roof renovation for a seriously ill young man and his family, looking for contributing partners.

The sessions of our vision training group continued in April, we can say that based on their reports, the participants felt a positive effect after the training. We have been in contact with real estate agents, as we would like to establish a center for the foundation in Eger. Our colleague mentioned above passed the final examination of the professional methodology of a qualified tender writer and tender monitor with a remarkable result. We are very proud of him. Several of our applications were reviewed this month. To announce the results of the “You choose, we help” tender announced by Tesco Global Zrt. Our foundation received a grant of HUF 500,000 from the National Cooperation Fund's “Operational Support for Civil Organizations 2018” tender. The “Support for the Professional Program of Civil Organizations 2018” tender is likely to announce results in May.

The training for our colleague continued in May, the next final examination of the methodology took place on May 23, which is called the tender judge and monitoring expert. He passed the obstacles of the final methodological exam, he closed it with a good result. Congratulation! Contacts with motivational trainers, doctors and professionals continued. This month we met Erik Trexler, a 19-year-old motivational speaker with disabilities, in Budapest. Based on the offers of the real estate agents, some of the offered properties were inspected to see if they meet the operational requirements of the foundation. So far, unfortunately, we have not been able to find a suitable property. We have also started looking for venues and sponsors for our future performances to support our work. Two possible places have been found, contact and organization with the institutions. Our foundation helped buy a car for a friend of ours with Multiple Sclerosis. We helped our other friend with a disability to compile and submit an application in connection with the AUTÓPLUSZ-2018-2 application documentation.

In June, we started organizing a donation of clothes for children living in a residential home, which will take place in July. We have launched a competition entitled “Reach Out” to give people with disabilities or disabilities the opportunity to design the logo for our foundation. We contacted Agria Park in Eger about a photo / painting / drawing / art exhibition to be organized in 2019. A database of social institutions and homes in Eger was created, and we also contacted some institutions.

During another visit to Budapest in July, we met Marianna Lippai, the writer of the blog of Life, who would like her to participate in our series as a speaker and conversation partner. On July 23, we made our first donation of clothes to help the residents of the Mónos Children's Home. For the most adolescent youth, we delivered high-quality pants, outerwear, hats, and other accessories that the kids and institution leaders were very happy with. This month, we helped one of our hearing-impaired colleagues find a job and a job interview that was successful and has been working in this job ever since.

In August, we contacted local wineries, viewed them, and selected the most appropriate venue for our performances. This month we bought garden furniture and set up a venue for group sessions.

In September, we started organizing our first motivational conversation. At the beginning of August, we had the opportunity from the Tibor Gál winery for the foundation to hold its motivational talks in the special room of the Fusion Wine Bar. Great location, in the right conditions, in a barrier-free location. Motivation speaker Erik Trexler was our guest on the 29th of this month, the photos of which can be seen here. This month, we also started organizing our 2nd and 3rd motivational conversations and designing the image and visual design for the background.

In October, we continued to organize our performances, announcing our 2nd and 3rd conversations in the social media. We contacted printing presses to implement the imagined and planned image. On the 27th of October, we hosted 2 great people in the Fusion Wine Bar, Szabolcs Kurucsai, the blind chef, and György Bovier, a national wheelchair tennis player. We talked for a great 2 hours and had wine with those present. We also took photos of this event, which you can find here. Preparations for Marianna Lippai's evening in November are also in full swing, preceded by great interest. So much so that we had to sign a contract with the presenter for the next event in January, because a lot of people didn't have the opportunity to change tickets.

We held our biggest event in November, which was a motivational presentation in Eger. As a star guest, we invited Marianna Lippai from Budapest, who lost her little girl with a serious illness years ago. As a result, he has become a motivator and has since radiated positive energy and positive thoughts towards people. It is very popular on the internet, lots of people follow his life and advice. The event was attended by more than 60 people, which was very successful based on the feedback. Photos of this can be viewed here.

We summed up our first year in December. Based on our experience, we looked at what we will need next year to be able to organize even better and higher quality conversations and programs for those interested. We have perfected our sound equipment to make our events next year more enjoyable. We discussed our tasks and responsibilities that await us in the coming year. We want to continue our work and we will do our best to do it as efficiently as possible. In the last week of December, we closed the year with a good mood, which we want to make regular. We have taken the first steps in every sense and in every direction!

Detailed report of year 2017:

The Hungarian Helping Hands Foundation started operating in August this year. As a first step, we set out to buy a not very expensive but good-quality company car, because this is an essential condition for us to be able to help people who are ill and disabled as disabled.

In September, the foundation posted a job advertisement, we were looking for a colleague with a changed working capacity for office and administrative tasks. We conducted job interviews and later managed to find 2 of our employees. In the meantime, we were looking for a company car, but we wanted to find a good, good value for money.

In October, we met our 2 future colleagues, Móni and Gábor, and at the end of the month we started to take care of the tasks required for their employment. By the end of this month, we had also found the right car and after a thorough investigation, we decided to buy it.

In November, our foundation became the owner of a 1st generation Honda Jazz passenger car, which we were happy to use. This purchase now allowed us to start the actual operation of our organization, we were able to set off on the road with it. :) In the second half of the month, within the framework of the European Union application funding, we started the recruitment of 2 new colleagues, which we plan to finalize by mid-December.

In December, the recruitment process was still ongoing and as they did not go smoothly, we were only able to recruit from January of the following year.