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In 2021, we launched our leisure program called Holiday 2021-2023. Within the framework of our project, the foundation invites people with disabilities and their companions to Balatonfüred every year. In the center of the northern shore of Lake Balaton we provide them with barrier-free accommodation, we organize barrier-free programs, even if personalized if the condition and situation of the participant so require. To start this year, we hosted 2 people with disabilities, a wheelchair with his wife and a young man with MS with their children on a cozy holiday. Our guests also had 2 hearing impaired people, 2 mentally impaired people, a young organically ill person and a young woman with a visual impairment. In August, they and their helpers spent 4-4 days at the Hungarian Sea in 2 groups, organized by the Hungarian Helping Hands Foundation. The St. Benedict Vocational High School and College in Balatonfüred contributed greatly to their recreation, where the participants of the holiday received discounted accommodation in the beautifully renovated and modernized dormitory building. Thank You! https://szentbenedekszallas.hu Vanyolai Hajózási Kft also provided a helping hand, thanks to which holidaymakers could take part in a cruise at a discounted price. Thank you, Captain. https://www.vanyolai.hu/hu We also thank Paralympic Sándor Navratyil for accepting our invitation to a pleasant afternoon motivational discussion. Thanks Sándor! :-) Next year we want to organize even more programs, involve even more local businesses in the recreation and entertainment of the injured. We are planning to organize a sightseeing train and we would also like to create a discounted meal on site with our help for visitors to Balatonfüred. We will be working to organize these opportunities so that we can have an even greater experience with our fellow human beings next year. And why? Because it feels good to do good and it is heartwarming to read such feedback from participants:


"Dear MSKA!
I would like to thank you for the trip in August. It may be my fault that I could not feel so well due to my illness or my childhood, but I must say that I have never had such a good holiday in my life. Balatonfüred itself was pleasant, the programs and the company were very sympathetic. "

Mónika and Ádám:

"Thank you for the opportunity to visit the Hungarian Sea with the Hungarian Helping Hands Foundation. Unfortunately, the pandemic caused by Covid-19 worn us both mentally and physically (both my partner and my partner). Thanks to the holiday. We managed to recharge, leave everything behind for a bit, we were able to shake off the gray everyday maps, we enjoyed the programs, everything was accessible to the visually impaired. 🙂 "

Tamás and Zsuzsa:

"Dear MSKA employees, Dear Janyik! Thanks to your helping work, we spent 4 unforgettable days in Balatonfüred in August 2021. The accessible accommodation provided by you was wheelchair accessible. Thank you for learning about the beauties of Balatonfüred and its surroundings. It was an organized boat trip, joint dinners, an exchange of experiences, and useful advice.

Krisztián and Katalin:

"Dear János and Dear Foundation! We still think with gratitude of you and the days spent on Lake Balaton. It was a wonderful relaxation, recharging. We strengthened both mentally (spiritually) and (we feel) physically. Thank you very much again for the opportunity! : Katalin and Krisztián

Photos and videos from the holiday at Lake Balaton can be viewed HERE.